Welcome to my Vehicle Blog

Hello there, welcome to my new blog and website!  My name is Stan, and I’m so glad you decided to read my vehicle blog.  

I grew up on a farm, so have been surrounded by various different types of vehicles and the automotive industry all my life.  On the farm we would use different tractors, side by sides, quads, dirt bikes and lawn mower tractors. We also had 2 old trucks which would break down easily so I spent many weekends with my dad learning how to fix up the old trucks, and when to give in and take them to the Garage.  

Because of this when I was 18 instead of heading off to College or University, I decided to go into an apprenticeship course and worked in an Auto shop alongside some incredibly experienced mechanics, learning all the basics on vehicle repairs and maintenance. After my 2 year course I then worked in a Garage for a few years until I was 25, when I decided to move back home and work on the family farm.  

So that’s where I am now, I currently co-own the family farm with my dad, and we have a farm Garage where I repair and work on farm equipment for our Area.

I hope you’ll enjoy reading my blog.