Ski-doo’s and Snowmobiles

Hey y’all, Stan here again with the very first ever actual post for my vehicles blog. Winter just came in with a bang last week, and with all this snow means that I can finally bring my ski-doo out! For those of you out of the know, a ski-doo is the original off-road snowmachine, and the name has since meant any snowmobile but ski-doo’s are still the very best! The one we have on the farm is from the 1980’s and works perfectly, other than one headlight. I have tried out some other snowmachines over the years, and I will admit to having an Arctic Cat snowmachine that I absolutely love, but that one is a bit too fancy for driving around the farm.

Ski-doo is still owned by BRP, and they still make some mean snow machines. They have many different models, from the basic bare bones edition to one made for touring the countryside for hours at a time while staying as comfortable as you would be sitting by the fire. The model I own is called the Tundra and the tagline for it is pick a place on the map and the tundra will take you there. Something the tagline doesn’t say however is that you will have an amazing ride getting there. There is just something special about riding a snowmobile on some nice powder through an area that no one has been to in weeks, maybe months. I can’t think of any other vehicle that lets you be so in tune with everything around you. If you guys can, check these awesome machines out. Giving the kids snowmobile rides can make a great winter tradition, we would do it multiple times a year. Hope you guys found this piece informative, I am heading out for a ride. See you soon.