Go Karts- Not just for Kids

Hey guys, it’s Stan again. Hope you all enjoyed my post last week, I just love writing for my vehicles blog lately! Last weekend my brother came to visit the farm and he brought his three kids with them. Being as this is a little rural community there isn’t much to do around here for kids visiting. Luckily my neighbor has cleared a big section of land and installed a go-kart( or go-cart) race track! We talked to him and had it closed for the weekend, called up all the neighbor kids and had ourselves a little tournament for the kids. They absolutely loved it, and we thought it looked so fun that after the kids were done me, my brother and the rest of the parents had our own little race. It was so fun! I seriously can’t remember when we had this much fun last, even when my brother tried to run me off the road. Go-karts are no longer an activity just for the kids.

Some courses are specializing in adult only go-karts. This means the karts have bigger engines, and in my experience you need at least your driver’s licence to drive them, and some places require you be 18 as well. These karts are so much more fun to drive, but they are also more dangerous as well. The best thing about my neighbours race course is that the karts and some rebuilt machines, and they work great as bumper cars as well! And who hasn’t imagined trying to bump their siblings off the road during a race? Check out your local go-kart track and let me know how you guys liked it! I will see you guys next week, time for me to get a rematch against my brother!