Convertible Ford F-150

Whats up you guys, thanks for coming back to my vehicles blog. How many of you have bought a car online, or at least looked at cars online? Have you ever clicked the custom tag and nothing else to see what shows up? I did recently( admittedly on accident) and was surprised by what I found. I was expecting to see some hillbilly lawn mowers and cars that are touching the ground, but what I found was more beautiful than both those machines combines. I am talking about a fully convertible Ford F-150 Super Duty. The only damage that seems to have been done to the truck is the removal of the roof and installation of a canvas convertible flat top. It even has a custom roll cage, must likely to deal with any integrity problems that occurred from taking the roof off.

Pretty much any four door convertible will look awkward from a bit of a distance, and this truck is like all the other i that way. This truck was customized by a shop, and they released a video along with it. In the video you can see the folding top in action, and it looks fairly smooth. A close up of the rear hinging mechanism is also featured, showing that they don’t look nearly as ugly as people would think. They did not release a price however, but it is  mostly in the range of if you need to ask, you can’t afford it. This isn’t the first truck that this particular shop has customized, so their might be an option a little lower on the price ladder. But if you have always wanted a convertible pickup, this might be for you.

Convertible vehicle