Emergencies in the Vehicle

Hello everyone, sorry I haven’t been very active lately. I love writing on my motors and vehicles blog, but sometimes life gets in the way. Remember my post about helping someone buy a car? Well, they bought the car but last week got in an accident in a very rural area. Thankfully I had found them a vehicle safety kit from http://www.cheap.forsale/ the week before so he was able to hold out until the emergency services showed up. He learned a valuable lesson that day, to always be prepared. So I thought I would post this as a little PSA about how to be prepared for emergencies in your vehicle.

Car Crash

Make sure your car is prepared

If you get into a collision, or even have mechanical troubles on the road you can be stuck for a long time in some areas. In case this ever does happen, you want o make sure your vehicle itself is in good condition for you to wait in/around. Somethings should be looked for when buying the car; like windows that aren’t fully sealed. Other things will need to be continually checked on and replaced if needed, such a lights and fluids. If you get stuck on the side of the road at night waiting for someone, you will want to have some lights on the road to warn other motorists that you are there.

Pack Extra Clothes

When I was a kid, my dad wouldn’t let us leave the house in winter without an extra pair of clothes plus a full set of winter gear. We could be going to a movie or going shopping and we would still need to have this in the car. I thought it was annoying, but after having a truck almost blow up (no exaggeration) on the way to work one day and being stuck on the side of the road for a couple hours as a result I understand. I now drive around with my full set of work clothes in the car as they are all the warmest clothes I have. You want to essentially have the clothes you would wear snowmobiling with you just in case.

Emergency Vehicle Supplies Kit

Safety Kits

The first thing you should buy for your car is a safety kit, preferably with a first aid kit inside. If you can’t find one that has both, just get a first aid kit (you can find lots of gently used first aid supplies at http://www.cheap.forsale/first-aid-supplies) and throw it in your glove box.

Emergency Tools

There is always a chance that you won’t be able to call for help and that no one will travel on the road you are on for hours. This means you should have at least a small amount of tools in your vehicle for small emergency repairs. Just take a look at some pre-owned tools online at http://www.cheap.forsale/tools and pick the ones that seem to fit your vehicle and its issues best.


Vehicle Tools Kit


Just remember everyone, you want to be prepared for any accident that might happen. Hopefully this helps show you what you need to be prepared, but there are other resources as well. The Canadian Automotive Association(CAA) has lots of information on their website to help fill in any gaps I have left. Stay safe!