Tips for Buying a new Car

Hey there people, Stan the man here again. Thanks for tuning into my vehicles and motors blog, I hope you have been enjoying my content. Anyone purchased a new car online lately? I did just the other week after a friend asked for my help in the process. I showed him towards a new online shopping website called  that helps you shop smarter by combining ads from all over the web. So we had our website that we were finding ads off of, now we just had to actually look through the thousands of cars for sale and pick the right one.



New or Used

When buying a car online in today’s age, it usually ends up being a lot more confusing then when you could just grab a phone number off the cork board in the coffee shop. One of the weirdest things you have to adjust to it actually telling the difference between a used and a new car. Dealerships have started to post their cars on used car websites and offer them on lease so that it is not technically buying a new car. This can be mislead when looking at the ads, as they usually have cheaper prices than the retail price but the vehicles will look very fresh.

buy vehicle


Simplify your Search

If you are looking at buying a new car, you will want to sit down and decide what exactly you want in your vehicle. Do you want a car or a truck? Sedan or coupe? Gasoline or diesel? Automatic or manual? Try to make a list of any characteristics you really want in your new vehicle and filter your search accordingly. This will also help you adjust your budget, as some vehicle types cost more than other you may be able to go a little higher end depending on what fits you and your lifestyle.

Picking the right car



Think of Repairs

No matter what make, model, or year your vehicle is you will have to get something repaired. This might be a full engine replacement, or a simple wiper blade change. When you go out to look at your prospective new car keep this in mind, and maybe even use it as a bargaining tool. If you want to buy a car for $5000 but it will need $500 in repairs, maybe counter at $4700 or somewhere around there. Make sure that it seems like you know what you are talking about though, as some vehicles can be drastically different than others and require different maintenance. Some vehicles are as different as a ski-doo.

Pulling The Trigger

When you go to buy your new car and it is not coming from a dealership, try to bring the amount you need in cash. Find the black book value of your car first. Pick an amount under the asking price that you feel comfortable paying and put that in one pocket. Put a small amount (under $1000) in another, and an even smaller amount in a third pocket. Offer you large sum in cash, showing you have the money now. If the seller declines, offer the second amount or part of it. Of course, make sure this is done in a safe public area.


Those are some of my tips for buying a new car online. I hope this can help you guys if you are looking at buying a new car, and if you liked reading this check out my post on go karts. Take it easy everyone.